Our Story

For more than 35 years Community Futures has successfully helped local entrepreneurs by providing advisory services and financing.  Whether you want to start a business or expand your current operation, we have a loan for that!  Do you need money to apply new technology to enhance productivity, upgrade your facilities and/or equipment, or an interest in purchasing a business, we are your local experts.  

Specializing in loans that meet the needs of small and medium sized enterprises, we offer  customized re-payment schedules that work for you and your business. Our goal is to fill your financial gap and maximize your assets or funds so that your entrepreneurial dreams become reality. As developmental lenders, we work collaboratively with banks and credit unions as well as other Community Futures offices in our network to create a financing plan that works for you.

As of Mar 2021 Community Futures Central Island has lent $48,438,266 to 2922 local small businesses in our region leveraging $68,090,103 in our communities and creating/maintaining 6394 jobs.

We are completely focused on the needs of our clients, local businesses, and region’s economy. Located in Nanaimo, we assist entrepreneurs throughout central Vancouver Island from Ladysmith to Bowser, Whiskey Creek to Gabriola and Lasqueti Island and points in between. Community Futures is the only non-profit organization throughout rural BC with a mandate for small business and community economic development.

Our Team

Jolynn Green

Jolynn Green

Executive Director

My favourite quote is actually a song lyric: “I get by with a little help from my friends.”  (The Beatles, 1967). I do believe that the relationships we build over the years are priceless. They support us, they engage us in healthy debate and they make us accountable.

Working in business development has always been my passion. My career started with being a chamber manager where I was introduced to Community Futures in the early 1990’s.  My involvement led to my employment and the rest is history.  My work assisting both communities and entrepreneurs has been very rewarding.  It has allowed to take my own business experience as well as education and work experience and assist others.  My journey in self employment taught me to be aware of my intentions as a business owner. It was not my business to run as I pleased. I was there to serve my customers … taking care of business was taking care of them, they were my livelihood!

What I bring to Community Futures is the ability to understand and provide change management advice. I appreciate systems thinking: working through a problem to find the best solution. I enjoy facilitating strategic planning and focus group sessions. I also have a knack for connecting people; I’m a matchmaker. 

One of my life’s goals is to retire financially secure so that I can experience culinary travel. I love great wine, good food and traveling, so it is the best way to experience all three together.

It is hard to pick just one favourite book, but if I had to it would be “The Book of Negroes” (Hill) which I read while on a vacation. I could not put it down. It was a riveting historical fiction account of the life of a young African girl, through the American Revolution, to her senior years. Another favourite book is “Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most” (Stone, Patton, Heen). This book provided me with the skills to look for the underlying structure of every difficult conversation and find the tools to approach those conversations with less stress and more success.

Kelly McBride

Kelly McBride

Business Development & Credit Officer

I bring comprehensive experience in public service and non-profit environments to Community Futures, along with superior knowledge of human resources, partnership development, staff leadership and financial management.

Assisting with the planning and delivery of events which were part of the 2014 International Festival of Business, a global showcase and  50-day festival in Liverpool attracting 68,600 business attendees from 92 countries at 415 events was my most challenging and interesting occupation to date.

After all these years of being in the business and non-profit sector, I have learned to always be open to learning.  I believe it is important to be willing to receive advice, know that you have room for improvement, but also be selective in the advice upon which you act. If I were asked to offer one piece of advice for business people it would to “Be bold!’ Don’t be afraid to try and fail – many times you will succeed!

As Alice in Alice in Wonderland notes, “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” We are defined by our choices, experiences and our perspectives. So, every day, we wake up a new person, with new thoughts and ideas.

 Elizabeth Gilbert of “Eat, Pray, Love” said it best during her Ted Talk titled Your Elusive Creative Genius. “Follow your curiosity because passion is sort of a tower of flame that is not always accessible. Your curiosity may lead you to your passion or it may not. It may have been for “nothing”, in which case all you’ve done your entire life is spend your existence in pursuit of the things that made you feel curious and inspired and that should be good enough.”

During my time as the Director of Operations and then Acting Executive Director of the Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society, we were the proud recipients of three industry awards: 2016 Aspect Organization of the Year, The 2017 BC Career Development Association, Career Development Organization of the year award and the Non-Profit Organization of the Year 2017 from the Nanaimo Chamber Business Achievement Awards.

Brenda Boyd

Brenda Boyd

Office & Loans Administrator

I bring a background in Financial Services and Marketing along with superior customer service, organization and problem solving skills to my role at Community Futures. My volunteer role on their Marketing Committee helped me to truly understand what Community Futures is about and its impact on the local small business community.

When I started a position as an Advertising Sales Representative at a local newspaper, I really thought  I was connected in the Central Vancouver Island community. I had worked, volunteered and raised my family in the area but I had barely scratched the surface. In fact, I was only connected with the businesses and individuals that were within my inner circle. Working at the newspaper allowed me to meet so many interesting and passionate business people and it was exciting to share in their dreams.

If I could offer one piece of advice to business people, it would be to put in the hard work. Businesses don’t just happen; they are the result of a lot of hard work where you will have many job descriptions that are constantly changing. As Richard Branson says, “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

One of my favourite books is Life of Pi by Yan Martel. Key lessons learned from this book that can be applied to business are to stay focused, strength comes from within and life is all about the adventure. With the ever-changing marketplace, it is equally important to build and promote long lasting customer relationships. It is imperative to expand your network to include other businesses, community members, business groups and local government.

Outdoor adventures are high on my priority list. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and just being in the outdoors. Every summer, I challenge myself on multi-day adventure. Some of my trips include a kayaking trip up to the Broughton Archipelago, backpacking trips on the West Coast Trail and in the Canadian Rockies. My goal is to continue to be active and challenge myself for many years to come.      

Related jobs and achievements include Advertising Sales Manager; Financial Advisor and Loans Administrator; Community Futures Marketing Committee Volunteer; Volunteer and Director for Qualicum Beach Fire and Ice and Parksville Beach Festival; Outstanding Customer Service Award Recipient, Qualicum Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Our Board

Community Futures Board Member - David Mailloux

David Mailloux


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I was assigned the position of Director of Communications  – Nanaimo Port Authority in 2013. My most Interesting occupation to date is my current one. I realize that to be effective in this field one must always be open to learning. What is seen on the surface is supported by considerably more under the surface…Less is often more.

What have I learned over the years about being in business?

  • Good Business Models are affected by Politics; Politics are part of Business.
  • Many people ask you for information to confirm what they already believe…and are reluctant to change their minds.
  • People with autonomy and ownership will perform with more motivation than people who are continually scrutinized, provided that the goals and timelines are clear, accountability is evident and results are acknowledged by someone they respect.
  • Respect is earned and seldom achieved by title. A sincere “Thank You” can be a subtle but powerful motivator..
  • Information is incomplete without context.
  • Emotion produces results but, on occasion, can erode credibility.
  • Relationships drive business development.

Regarding advice for business people. First, do not consider yourself as an established business until you operate for 5 years; you must survive various cycles. Secondly, most businesses fail due to under capitalization, inflexibility and misunderstanding their position in the marketplace.

Books worth a read – Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett | The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton.  A foundation of regular consistent habits establishes confidence and leads to achievements that otherwise wouldn’t be considered possible.  Saying “what if” creates possibilities.  Passion is a core ingredient for achieving success and happiness.

I worked in business and in Government at the Provincial level, with a Federal authority (agent of) and for non-profit Organizations as staff and at the Board level, in two provinces.  I am currently the Chair of the BC Ocean Boating Tourism Association and Community Futures Central Island.  My understanding of these agencies along with my expertise in Organizational Development, Management, Marketing & Sales, Training and communication are what I bring to Community Futures. 

Community Futures Board Member - Mark Fenwick

Mark Fenwick

Vice Chair

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Mark Fenwick is the General Manager of Woodgrove Centre.  He has 22 years of operations and marketing experience with shopping centre owner and developer Ivanhoe Cambridge, a leading Canadian company in the real estate industry.  He previously worked in the financial services sector for several years after earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree from UBC.  As a believer in supporting the local community, he has prior involvement with Community Futures and the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce in volunteer roles.

Mark moved backed to Nanaimo in July 2018 from Delta, BC where he oversaw the successful opening of Tsawwassen Mills, the largest enclosed mall with outlet stores in Metro Vancouver, as the General Manager.  Mark embraces the challenging and dynamic role of leading a management team in the successful operation and marketing of a large destination shopping centre.

When not in the role of shopping centre manager, he enjoys spending time with his son, staying active, reading and traveling.

Marc LaCouvee

Marc LaCouvee


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So this is me…my life…born and raised in a small town that could be otherwise referred to as the edge of the earth.  As far west in Canada as you can get before you fall into the ocean.  Born in Tofino on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Raised in rugged Ucluelet, a small town at that time submerged in both forestry and fishing.  Growing up embracing life on the coast, the simplicity of nature and the call of the ocean.  Growing up in a family that embraced the value of community, I learned that it takes a “village”. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” ~ Helen Keller.  Following in my father’s footsteps, I started a career in forestry…leaving my home on Vancouver Island and going on to own and manage two very successful companies over the next several years. 

After the birth of my three children and later the sale of my business, I relocated back to Vancouver Island, where the ocean still called to me. As a single father for many years during that period of my life, I pursued a career in real estate and made a commitment to my family, my community and the area that my children and I call home a priority. It is here that I found the value of community. 

I have been actively involved in our community in my support of local organizations like the Oceanside Minor Hockey Association, as an active board member with the Qualicum Beach Chamber of Commerce and Parksville Qualicum Tourism Association and have remained an active participant and volunteer in local community functions and committees. I am also a graduate of the Leadership Vancouver Island Program.

I continue to strive to be a dedicated REALTOR® that is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and goals. I pride myself on always putting the best interests of my clients FIRST and offers specialized and complementary value-added services to my Oceanside and Nanaimo clients. I am one of a small number of accredited Seniors Real Estate Specialists (SRES®) and Accredited Buyer’s Representatives (ABR®) in our region. I work for Royal LePage Parksville Qualicum Beach Realty in Parksville – Qualicum Beach.

We all choose what we value in life and it is our responsibility to not only find it, but to help others find it as well.  It takes a community. “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples” ~ Mother Teresa
“I come to the Community Futures Central Island Board with an unwavering need to help build small businesses in the central Vancouver Island region, which in turn builds strong rural communities.”

Community Futures Board Member - Andrea Rosato-Taylor

Andrea Rosato-Taylor


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Andrea Rosato-Taylor is a retired publisher of The Chronicle serving Ladysmith and Chemainus area but has retained a part-time position with Boulevard Magasine. Andrea has been working in media for over 25 years. In her various roles with newspapers in San Francisco, Vancouver and Vancouver Island – she has created and implemented many multi-media products —– that vary from event marketing, airport signage, creating new digital products for the recruitment category, specialty features, magazines etc. Her “Why” is, “you get the community you want by participating in it”.

She is not only passionate about newspapers and multi-media but is passionate about community. She has been the Chair of the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce, Director on the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival Society, Board of Trustee of the NCID Water Board, “Woman of Note” and Chairperson for fundraising for the Vancouver Island Symphony, President of the Downtown Ladysmith Business Association, and is a director on the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce.

Community Futures Board Member - Blank placeholder

Brady Calancie


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Brady Calancie is a Business Consultant with an established Consulting Firm in Nanaimo. He has a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management through Royal Roads University.

The most interesting occupations that Brady has held was the Owner of an Industrial Robotics Company and a Small Batch Ice Cream Company.

The main thing that he has learned about being in business is that the most important step is the first. There are a million reasons to delay making the leap into self employment, but you won’t see the benefits until you start putting in the work. The most important piece of advice that he has learned in business is that there is far more support out there than most people know. It is always worthwhile to reach out for help as you don’t know what you don’t know until its pointed out.

His primary expertise is around Entrepreneurship although he has worked in a number of different areas dealing with International Business. His passion lies in helping small business and he brings this passion and knowledge to the Community Futures Board. Community economic development and increasing food security are his life passions. One major goal is to help local consumers rely less on supply chains and more on local community-based businesses.

His favourite Community Futures moment is seeing the product of Community Futures loans. There is not much out there that can match the excitement of starting a business. To be a part of that process and seeing entrepreneurs take their future into their own hands is a magical experience.

Favorite Book: Walt Disney: An American Original
Favorite Quote: “If you’re going through hell, Keep going” – Winston Churchill

Our Accountability

If you are a current or retired business owner, professional or entrepreneur that is interested in a position on the Board of Directors and currently resides in Central Vancouver Island, please introduce yourself in an email.

Our board recruitment process is as follows:

  • Our membership and recruitment committee implements and oversees board recruitment.
  • The board shall, on at least an annual basis, or when there is a vacancy, review its composition and determine if recruitment is necessary.
  • When it is determined that recruitment is necessary, the committee shall advertise the opportunity.
  • The committee shall review all applications received and meet with all suitable candidates.
  • After interviewing the suitable candidates, the committee shall bring new member appointment recommendations to the Board and if approved, the candidates will be appointed.


Redress/Privacy Policy

All loans and credit products must be based on a genuine assessment of the borrower’s needs, the suitability of the product to meet those needs, and demonstrated capacity to meet the repayments. If an applicant feels they have been wronged or mistreated, they may follow a redress mechanism that begins by informally complaining to the Executive Director.

Audited Financial Statements