The heart and soul of Amble & Sip is about coming together in our communities and celebrating​.

Rebecca Vircoe



“Launching Amble & Sip has been a labour of love, quite literally. Deciding to completely gut a vintage trailer, renovate it and turn it into a bar with little to no experience in that field (in the middle of a pandemic to boot!) has had me questioning my sanity at every turn. There were many times I cried over a glass of wine (more like a bottle, if we are being honest) wondering what the heck I got myself into.

Vintage trailers seem to be filled with water damage, mold, rotted framing, and walls that are the exact opposite of straight! However, they are also filled with so much character and the potential of what could be kept me going through the worst of it. There is something to be said about stepping back now, looking at the finished bar and being able to say, I created that with my own two hands.

However, it turns out renovating the trailer was one of the easier hurdles to overcome. When I started this journey, we were at the very beginning stages of this pandemic. I figured one lockdown and it would be over. Man, was I wrong! It has been quite the challenge to market and promote a new business entirely dependent on events when the very act of gathering is against the law. People have been hesitant to make plans without a guarantee of easing restrictions but with BC’s new roadmap to opening up, I am optimistic that will start to change!

At the end of the day, what has really contributed to the success of this journey so far despite the COVID set back, has been the community of friends, family and complete strangers that have rallied around me to offer support along the way.

The heart and soul of Amble & Sip is about coming together in our communities and celebrating so to have started this journey off in that manner with a network of people rallying around this business, has been nothing short of inspiring and motivating. I am so excited for the future possibilities, to give back and to help people celebrate all of life’s moments again – the big and the small.”