“I am so appreciative of Community Futures for their faith and help. I am so fortunate that I get to do what I love, and the support of Community Futures really helped me achieve that”

Jean Geldert
Catalyst Home Staging and Design

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In the beginning, like most small businesses, Geldert found it difficult to get the business rolling but with a start-up loan and some sound business advice, she was able to make things happen. With a business plan in hand, Geldert went to a local bank and opened a business account, thinking it would be easy to get a start-up loan.  It wasn’t.

When recounting her disappointment to her accountant, he recommended a visit to Community Futures Central Island. With a Community Futures loan, Jean Geldert was able to open Catalyst Home Staging and Design, in Parksville, in the fall of 2014. The certified home staging and design company provides “affordable style” so that home owners can sell their property quickly. Diversifying her service offerings has provided substantially more revenue opportunities and strong momentum to increase her results year over year.