“They gave us more financial support after seeing the global opportunities”

Cheryl and Ned Foley
Foley Dog Treat Company 

Website: foleydogtreat.com


Best Friends deserve the best. Many pet owners agree, which is why Nanaimo-based Foley Dog Treat Company is a local success story. Foley Dog Treat Company, which started out as a home based, tucked-in-the-basement business has grown to an international supplier of quality dog treats in Canada and U.S..”

With the help of a second expansion loan, co-owner Cheryl Foley was able to complete the certification to expand into the European Union. Foley wants the Foley Dog Treat Company to transform the pet treat industry. “I believe owners deserve safe treats made from quality, human -grade ingredients”, notes Foley.

Foley Dog Treats has outgrown its current 2500 square foot space and is preparing to expand again. “So we went back to Community Futures to see what could be done. They gave us more financial support after seeing the opportunities available once the plant was expanded,’ summarises Foley.