“If you do it intelligently, there are ways of leveraging resources to create business opportunities. Sometimes raising the capital to do those things is the hardest part, and that’s where Community Futures comes in.”

Clemens Rettich
Great Performances Group

Website: greatperformancesgroup.com

Clemens Rettich and his Great Performances Group of qualified business advisors  deliver coaching and advising services to business owners and communities, island and province-wide. Great Performances Group operates in Ladysmith and serves an average of 25-30 businesses simultaneously in consulting services. 60% of business comes from the Vancouver Island region and less than 20% of these clients are based immediately in the Cowichan Valley; the remaining business comes from the mainland and in Canadian regions further afield.

In 2012, Clemens devoted resources into his own expansion through the publication of his book, Great Performances: The Small Business Script for the 21st century, a project funded through the support of Community Futures Central Island.  “The most challenging part of running a business is leveraging resources,” Clemens says. Determining where to allocate these resources to optimize operating efficiency is difficult, especially when the growth and development of other businesses is at the forefront of my practice, Clemens adds.