“Community Futures really believed in what we wanted to do”

Kerry Martini
Meat Craft Island Butchery

Website: meatcraftbutchery.ca/island-butchery-nanaimo


Meat Craft Island Butchery is a local, family owned specialty butcher shop specializing in local, ethically farm raised meat. They carry local products and work with local companies who share the same values. And they are very passionate about food and bring that passion into the in house made sausages and marinates, and the quality of the cuts sold.

Meat Craft’s focus is to provide their customers with free range, ethically raised meat that you can confident ly feed your families. We source all of our products from small local farms who share the same values as we do. Taste begins with the breed, feed and quality of life for the animal. “When we decided to expand and open a second location in Nanaimo, Community Futures believed in what we could do”, remarked Kerry.  “They got to know us and quickly understood we had what was needed to succeed”.