Owning a Spa has been a long held dream for me.”

Alison Booth
Pure Spa Owner/Aesthetician

Email: purespananaimo@gmail.com
Website: www.purespananaimo.com


Owning a Spa has been a long held dream for me. After being in the industry for 23 years, the dream became a reality in early 2020 when I purchased the assets of Pure Spa here in Nanaimo.

Early on in the acquisition, the space that housed the spa decided not to renew the lease. Challenge #1 – accepted!! I searched for several weeks across Nanaimo, deciding to stay in the downtown core and came across our perfect space. I did a few small renovations and some painting and moved in early March set to open on March 16, 2020. It felt surreal.

At the time of our opening, COVID-19 was becoming a definite focus around the world. I watched the spread of the virus and crossed my fingers we’d be ok. Then on March 19th only 3 days after our opening, the province of BC ordered our closure. What I thought would be 2 weeks turned into 2.5 months! It was a terrifying, and emotional time to say the least.

Over the closure we made the best of the time we were given. We had bi-weekly zoom staff meetings – we were all just getting to know each other! We took courses….many courses (and continue to do so). Brushing up on our knowledge of general trade practices, skincare and treatments so we’d be more than ready when we reopened! I completely revamped and updated our website and Social Media to keep clients engaged. I also pivoted the business and delivered skin care to clients, made up packages to sell with instructions on how to give yourself a facial at home or remove gel polish! I did my best to keep in touch with our clients during the lockdown/closure via email as well and when we got word we were allowed to open, I personally phoned each client who had their appointment cancelled to give them the first option to reschedule.

June 1st was our official reopening date and it was amazing! I put together Spa packages with the hope of showcasing our beautiful downtown core while offering Spa treatments followed by drinks and Tapas on the Melange Restaurant patio! These continue to be a popular service offered! Most recently I’ve been in touch with a local bakery (Your Nanaimo Sweet Treat) to add some goodies for our Valentine’s day packages. I’ve also partnered with a local Hair Stylist – Hannah from Aura and Carla from Quintessential for giveaway promotions to help increase all of our exposure and hopefully increase business! I truly believe that the more we work together the more successful we’ll all be.