“As we continue in our journey of learning to be business owners, Community Futures continues to support us and share their knowledge even though we’ve completed the program.

Rachel Robertson
Return To Form Kinesiology & Pilates

Email: info@returntoform.ca
Website: returntoform.ca


Return to Form is a team of Kinesiologists and Personal Trainers that are here to help you. Whether recovering from an injury or wanting to improve athletic performance, a Kinesiologist can teach you precisely how to move – in a manner unique to your individual physiology. Kinesiology is increasingly becoming a core component of many progressive extended health and wellness programs.

The Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) Program through Community Futures Central Island helped open our eyes to the business side of things. “Through the EIR Program, we learned about the importance of finances and keeping on top of our bookkeeping,” remarked Rachel. As personal trainers, Pilates Instructors and Kinesiologists, we don’t get any business training in our programs or schooling.

We not only covered finances in our meetings, but discussed communication between us as partners, communication with staff and building better relationships inside and outside of the business to help us flourish.