Below you will find the link to the online application portal. Only applications completed in full will be
considered. Please note that the software vaguely indicates that providing your business financials is not 100%
mandatory. This is inaccurate. Applications which do not include financial statements will not be reviewed. Your
application, once submitted through the portal, is then forwarded to our office and assigned to a team member. That
team member will contact you if additional information is required.

Please also be aware that our Community Futures office, like every CF office in the province, has only been provided
with a limited amount of money to lend ($750,000) in our region. Because of this reality that has been imposed on us,
we are politely requesting that each applicant request only as much money as you genuinely need. If our average RRRF
loan application is, for example, $30,000 as opposed to $40,000 then we will be able to lend money to more business
people in need. Those additional business people might be your friends, neighbours or colleagues.

There is currently far more demand for RRRF loan funds than we have to lend. That is just the reality of the situation.
Applications will be prioritized based on level of completion/information provided and then by date of receipt.
Applications that are not completed in full will not be reviewed. Applications that sit in draft status and are not
submitted will be automatically be purged by our system in 10 business days.

We are a non profit organization and are staffed as such so will not be in a position to accommodate multiple enquires.
Please ensure to complete your application to your fullest ability and email with question in
regards to uploading information to the portal or other assistance you may require.

The good news is that the Canada Emergency Business Account loan program (CEBA) has recently amended their
eligibility guidelines and the new guidelines will make many of you eligible for CEBA.

The new CEBA guidelines should be available on your local bank websites any day now. We encourage everyone to
review these new CEBA guidelines and apply for your loan money at your local bank if you are eligible under their new
and expanded guidelines. The CEBA application, like the RRRF application, is 100% online. It is also a shorter application
process and, if eligible, you will receive your money quicker through CEBA than you will through RRRF.

We thank you for your patience over the past few weeks as we waited for the government to roll out the important final
details of the RRRF. Below you will find a link to the RRRF application portal as well as a link to CEBA.

RRRF – Community Futures Central Island


The Team at Community Futures